Played By: Lizabeth Scott
Movie: Too Late For Tears (1949)

Jane Palmer's previously happy marriage is interrupted when she and her husband Alan (Arthur Kennedy) happen upon a bag full of cash, unleashing greedy and inner homicidal tendencies she didn't know she had, to counter his unwavering morality. Naturally, she murders him and the unscrupulous, simpering detective after the money as well, because who really needs men when you've got a bag containing $60,000 in cash (roughly over a half million today)?

It should be noted however, that the Palmers at least appeared to be middle class. There was no impending surgery or any other event that required a ton of money, quickly. So basically, Jane Palmer was just tired of having a lame goody-two-shoes for a husband and wanted to floss on these other bitches tax-free. We approve.