The femme fatale is an old and oft implemented archetype in film. Whereas most female characters are doting or damsels, the femme fatale is seductive, in the most manipulative manner, and she keeps some of our favorite leading men under pressure in many a classic scenario. Broke husband in jail? Upgrade to his rich boss. Hot wife trapped in a loveless marriage? No problem, murder him for the money and gas a private eye to cover for you. We're talking ruthless women who leave simpering, gullible men broken-hearted in their wake at best, but a dead body or three isn't out of the question either if the situation calls for it.

Complex has counted down the best of the best: the most mysterious, deadliest, alluring, triple-crossing and, most importantly, hottest dames to ever grace the silver screen. Read on for The 50 Hottest Femmes Fatales Of All Time.

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