Little Inferno is certainly the strangest game you'll play on the Wii U right now, and possibly one of the strangest you've played all year. Its premise is deliciously simple: burn shit. Burn as much shit as you possibly can, then buy more shit to burn, and burn that too. Burn it all.

With your Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace, you might even be able to burn enough shit to stay warm through what may or may not be a nuclear winter. That's where half the fun comes in; figuring out what's going on in the game's story, and what's actually up with mysterious characters like Miss Nancy, Sugar Lumps and The Weather Man, who only communicate via letters.

And though you'll spend 99 percent of the game in front of that fireplace, using the GamePad's screen to set hundreds, if not thousands, of things on fire, there's plenty to discover. Simply playing around with the physics and the ways different things react when they burn—from massive explosions to altering gravity itself—is great fun, and there are even riddles to solve by burning specific combinations of items. All in all, it's an incredibly unique game at a great eShop price.