Nintendo Land is the Wii Sports of this generation, in that it's meant to show off the Wii U's specific advantages—like the capabilities of the GamePad, with its motion controls and touch screen, and the console's social aspects. And it does such a fine job of this that it makes the deluxe console bundle, which includes Nintendo Land as a pack-in in addition to more storage and other goodies, well worth the extra $50.

It boils down to a virtual theme park with 12 attractions based on favorite Nintendo franchises like Metroid, Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong, F-Zero, and more. These range from single-player games that use just the GamePad all the way to games for five players that use four Wii Remotes as well as the Wii U's unique controller.

Unlike Wii Sports, which included a couple duds like the lame boxing mode, Nintendo Land's games are all worthwhile in their own right. Plus earning coins with which to build up your virtual park is a great reason to keep coming back. If you're looking for an indication of the Wii U's potential, this is it.