A woman in Texas beat her 10-year-old sister to the point of unconsciousness, all over a bag of Cheetos. Following the October 11 attack, 23-year-old Deby Mejia told police that she resents her younger sister for being born, and never loved her. The girl reportedly returned to their Houston apartment with a bag of Cheetos, and when Mejia came home to find her eating them, she snapped.

Mejia allegedly beat her sister with an extension cord, then slammed her head into the ground until she lost consciousness. Neighbors say this isn't the first case of sister-on-sister abuse, either. Mejia has been looking after her sister since their mother was deported to Honduras in 2006. One neighbor says that a particular punishment included Mejia forcing her sister to kneel over a bag of rice while balancing water on her head. That's some sorority-pledge shit.

According to CPS, there is no record of Mejia abusing her sister, but they say they would've removed the girl from her custody had they been aware of it. Mejia was arrested and charged with child abuse, and feels no remorse whatsoever.

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[via The Huffington Post]

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