Sorry guys - turns out Sylvester Stallone actually wasn't behind that blog post on his Facebook page that confirmed Nicolas Cage's involvement in the next Expendables movie. In fact, as he told Deadline, he actually "has no knowledge" of Cage being involved in the film at all.

The rumors of Cage joining the cast of the film began early Monday after a Facebook page alleging to be Stallone's posted a blog post confirming that Cage would be involved in the film. This, in additions to comments Stallone actually did make during a press junket for The Expendables 2 last summer about how he'd like to see Cage, as well as Harrison Ford and Wesley Snipes, in the third film, made for a very convincing story.

But sorry, guys - looks like we might not get to see Cage returning to his action star days after all. At least we'll stil always have that time he stole the Declaration of Independence.

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[via Deadline]