In one of the more eloquent digressions on the matter, this above video shows how some PC versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops II were shipped with the wrong second disc. Wrong second disc, and wrong sequel.

Some users have tried to install Black Ops II on their PC, and when prompted to insert the second disc find out the second disc is actually a copy of Mass Effect 2. We're trying not to laugh, but this is kind of hysterical. We know players shelled out good dough for their copy of the game, but c'mon, it's a little funny.

The discs are all printed with the Call of Duty: Black Ops II artwork, but players receive a a Mass Effect 2 read error when the disc is inserted. Users on Reddit, Steam, and Black Ops II forums spotted the error and have been looking to begin the lynching since the game's midnight release last night. Activision and EA are two of the biggest rivals on the planet, and this looks like it might be the only time the two companies ever collaborate.

Hold on to your copies, kids. This is what we call a collector's item. Did you get a bunk copy? Let us know!

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