Good news: Seth Rogen and Jeff Goldblum are headed back to FXAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, both actors are set to reprise their guest roles on The League in separate episodes set to air next month. 

Rogen will return to the series as Dirty Randy, an adult film director who originally appeared on the show last year. He will, reportedly, be preparing for the end of the world, only he believes it's set to occur on December 12th instead of December 21st as detailed in the 2012 Mayan calendar doomsday prediction. His episode will air on December 13th.

As for Goldblum, he will return as Rupert Ruxin for the season finale, and will, according to the show's co-creators, "insert himself into a marital situation between his son (Nick Kroll) and daughter-in-law (Nadine Velazquez)." That episode will be airing the following week, on December 20th.

Are you excited to see both these guys back on the series?

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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