Character names: God Bluth & The Seal Dealer
Years dated in real life: 12 

On Mitch Hurwitz's Arrested Development, Fox's canceled cult sensation that's set for a 2013 revival via Netflix, Will Arnett played, and is set to play again, Gob Bluth, the lazy, self-absorbed, entitled magician of the Bluth family. In the show's second season, after a series of escalating dares, Gob winds up marrying an unnamed dealer of trained seals, played by then-real life wife, Parks & Recreation's Amy Poehler.

Sadly, in this case life wound up imitating art. Much like their ill-fated television marriage, this comedy power couple filed for divorce earlier this year. Much like his character Gob famously said so many times over, apparently Will 'made a huge mistake'.