Joining the already impressive cast of Wes Anderson's upcoming Grand Budapest Hotel, which includes Jason SchwartzmanRalph FiennesBill Murray, and Jude Law, is reportedly another pretty impressive actress: Saoirse Ronan. According to Indiewire, Ronan has been cast in the film as the female lead, but that's about all the info we have on her role as plot and character details are being kept super secret because spoilers suck. We do, however, know that the film will take place 85 years ago - meaning roughly around the year 1927 - and it's "roughly inspired" by Billy Wilder and Ernst Lubitsch films, so take from that what you will. 

In addition to Ronan, Schwartzman, Fiennes, Murray, and Law, Owen WilsonEdward NortonWillem DafoeAdrien Brody, and Jeff Goldblum have all been rumored to join the cast, though nothing in terms of their participation has been confirmed yet.

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[via Indiewire]