Looking to separate itself from the rest of the mobile device makers, Samsung is reportedly in the final stages of developing flexible displays. 

Samsung brought its flexible AMOLED displays to the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in January. The company says it has made great advancements in the technology since that time. The new displays are meant to make future mobile devices thinner, lighter, and more durable. 

The Wall Street Journal says the move toward mass producing flexible displays is Samsung's way of differentiating its products "to boost their profit margins and market share in the fast-growing markets." 

Samsung isn't the first company to develop a flexible display, but it may be the first one to commercial them. Sony has been working on them for years but has been unable to successfully bring them to market. 

There's no word on when these new displays will find their way into phones. The vice president of Samsung's display unit, Lee Cheng-hoon, said the company is "currently sampling the displays with a few customers," and that a release date for a product featuring the technology has not been determined.

[via WSJ]