The D.C. collective Rock Creek Social Club ended their "Goodlife DC" party about a month ago, but they're bringing a special celebration to U Street Music Hall (1115A U Street NW) tonight. Descend those stairs, and you'll step into an environment reminiscent of those beloved college house parties, or a blue light basement party at your favorite uncle's house. Tonight, that uncle will be "Unkle Scooty," and his "bassment" is about to get crazy.

The music will be handled by some of the city's most talented DJs. Stereo Faith and Tom Lim will be doing a Bebop and Rocksteady, tag team set. Also spinning will be Rock Creek Social Club's own Jerome Baker lll and Spinser Tracy, as well as trap music lord Billy The Gent

It's $5, and the doors open at 9 p.m. Even though it's Sunday night, expect this to be like Uptown Saturday Night, and welcome the sounds of Camp Lo like it's '97 all over again.