A report on PS3trophies.com claims that Rage, the last game from Doom creators Id Software, could be getting new DLC soon. The expansion, called "The Scorchers," first popped up over the summer in a UK ratings board report, and now it seems its arrival may be imminent.

Id and Bethesda haven't said a word about it, though.

The Scorchers are a band of outlaws within the Rage universe, though much of the content surrounding their tribe was reportedly left on the cutting room floor. That's not surprising to hear, since Rage ended rather abruptly. Hopefully more content can serve to flesh it out a little further.

If this report is accurate, then "The Scorchers" will add ten new achievements/trophies to Rage, plus a new difficulty. Joystiq speculates that the game could soon receive some modding tools, as well.

Is Rage worth revisiting? What do you think?

[via Joystiq]