Creat Studios announced yesterday that Labyrinth Legends, an old school hack-'n-slash dungeon crawler, will be released on the PlayStation Network exclusively for PS3 on Dec. 19.

At the time, we speculated that Labyrinth Legends would be great for the PS Vita, and we reached out to Creat to find out whether the developer had any plans to release the game on platforms other than PS3. Here's what Creat's Vice President of Publishing, Scott Hyman, wrote back:

"Initially, [Labyrinth Legends] will only be available on the PS3. There is demand for it on Vita, so we are considering bringing it to that platform. It may find its way to other, non-Sony platforms eventually."

That's great news for anyone who wants to take that retro action on the go. Are you looking forward to Labyrinth Legends? Do you think we're in the middle of an old school rennaissance here?