From the minds of co-writers RZA and Eli Roth come The Man With The Iron Fists, a martial arts extravaganza the likes of which you've never experienced. The film had its star studded premiere last Thursday, and opens nationwide this Friday, November 2nd. But if your premiere invite got lost in the mail, and you can't wait any longer to have yourself some iron-fisted fun, don't worry—we got you covered. We here at Complex are pleased to present the Complex The Man With the Iron Fists soundboard, featuring direct quotes from the film's stars Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, and the man himself, RZA, who in addition to starring in and co-writing the film, makes his directorial debut on it as well.

Click below to get mixin' and matchin' on some of the film's best one liners. But make sure to take off those iron firsts first. Your keyboard will appreciate it.