To help celebrate the launch of PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, Sony commissioned artist and gamer Aled Lewis to create these three images of Sony characters in pixel art tributes to classic films. Can you figure out what movies they're supposed to represent? You should probably be able to. It's not that hard.

The trio of works is collectively called "The Challengers Appear." Lewis had the following to say in a press release:

I was thrilled to be asked to design three pieces for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale - I’ve always been an avid video game player and a huge fan of the 8-Bit look of the early generations of games. The pixelated designs as a kid allowed for your mind to wander and offer scope for what the characters might really look like. In keeping with this and in appreciation for the original game artists I wanted to use this style when creating these iconic images.

Are you enjoying Battle Royale? What new characters are you still hoping to see added?