If you've been waiting for a game that'll make you unable to put the PS Vita down, then you're only going to be waiting a little longer. Like, until Nov. 20, when Persona 4 Golden is released.

It's got a lot going for it. The Persona series is unique as far as RPGs go, blending tactical, turn-based combat with randomized dungeon exploration and—oddly, to our Western sensibilities—dating and friendship building aspects. But somehow it all works really well.

Persona 4 came late in the PS2's lifespan, releasing in 2008. But somehow it's been ported to the Vita with perfection. More than perfection, actually—there are a number of new features, like ones that let you call for other online players to help you out during battle, or check to see how other players have spent their valuable in-game time to make sure you're not wasting yours.

And there are no forced touch screen or gyro mini games. In fact, you can't even use touch mechanics where you might want to—in menus and such. You may count that as a negative. So be it.

There are also new characters and countless other minute changes, all-in-all making Persona 4 Golden the best version of an already stellar experience. Since we started playing we haven't been able to stop, even for Halo 4, and that's saying something.

Are you waiting for that perfect Vita game? Are you looking forward to Persona 4?