Old Spice has been killing it for a while with its hilarious ad campaigns, but this just takes the cake, blows out the candle and eats it.

The toiletries maker claims it will save the world in four and a half weeks, just in time to thwart the Mayan-predicted apocalypse. How will it do that? By enlisting the help of NBA legend and global ambassador Dikembe Mutombo to carve more years into the Mayan calendar. How could that plan possibly fail?

The world-saving campaign takes the form of a playable retro-style video game. In the first mission, Dikembe has to use his Old Spice jetpack to get people to stop doing the "Gangnam Style" dance so they'll remember to vote. Honestly, they had us at Old Spice jetpack. Now this is some effective marketing. Old Spice has promised to release new missions every week.

We can't believe we just typed that sentence. But seriously, play the game. It's hilarious. What do you think?