Crimes reported in New York City have apparently decreased by 27 percent compared to this time last year, but looting has still been a problem in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. In a Guardian article on how the nor'easter has delayed recovery in the Rockaways, NYPD officer Anthony DiCarlo offered a "startling admission for a law enforcement officer" while helping to sort food at a local gym.

DiCarlo was off-duty when he said, "It's snow, it's cold. People are fending for themselves...Looting, to me, is acceptable if you're looting for your baby or your family." He did say that there was a fine line between doing it for survival and just being egregious, noting that a "60 inch flat-screen TV" was ridiculous and inessential. With thousands still without power, some have taken to arming themselves, rather than be sitting ducks.

Cue "What We Do."

[via Gawker]