A man who was wanted for detonating pipe bombs in Virginia led police on a chase into Montana before throwing bombs at them. Laurence Stewart ll, 25, threw several bombs at police during the chase that began in Judith Basin County and eventually headed toward Great Falls on U.S. Highway 87. Some of the bombs detonated, but no one was injured.

Authorities eventually disabled the car, but Stewart attempted to flee the vehicle with a handgun. He is suspected of detonating pipe bombs in the homes of his ex-girlfriend and two investigators in an indecent exposure case. Stewart had been charged with attempted capital murder of a law enforcement officer, manufacture or possession of a weapon of terror, and arson. 

For his video-game-like behavior, he's been charged with attempted deliberate homicide for allegedly throwing pipe bombs near patrol cars and one count of felony criminal endangerment for a pipe bomb thrown near a civilian's car.

[via The Huffington Post]