What you are looking at is MasterCard's new "Display Card." With a touch-sensitive keypad and LCD display, which will be used for a one-time password (OTP), the credit card works much like any of the debit, credit or ATM card that you already have in your pocket. However, the Display Card does have its place in the world.

Currently, many banks issue a separate authentication token for online banking services, particularly high-risk transactions, such as payments or transfers above a certain amount, adding payees, or changing personal details. The new 2-in-1 cards would therefore eliminate the hassle of carrying a separate authentication device -- good news for people who carry their whole lives in their pockets.

In the near future, the hope is that the Display Card will also be able to show a person's balance, reward points and maybe even recent transactions. Is MasterCard's newest CC a welcome change? Or, is using the good 'ol plastic still the above the rest?

[via CNET]

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