It's Black Friday, so you know it was just a matter of time before the violence and atrocious behavior began. A man in Springfield, MA was arrested for leaving his girlfriend's two-year-old son inside of a car so he could buy a 51-inch television from K-Mart. The man denied everything, saying that he lost the boy inside of the store, but police say he never reported the boy missing. 

Security at the Liberty Street Plaza alerted police about the boy, and they had to force their way into the vehicle to rescue him. 34-year-old Anthony Perry was supposed to be watching the boy while his girlfriend was at work, and police finally caught up with him and his brand new TV at his house. They're still puzzled as to how he made it home with the massive device, yet left his car and the boy at the shopping center.

Perry will be charged with reckless endangerment of a child.

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[via WWLP]