This March, Marvel will debut Wolverine, a new comic book series written by Paul Cornell with art by the legendary Alan Davis. This book marks the third solo title that Wolverine is currently starring in, along with Frank Cho’s Savage Wolverine and the mature-rated Wolverine MAX series. The character also appears in various X-Men and Avengers books currently.

It’s not easy to make the character unique when he’s involved in so many different titles, but Wolverine will face off against a new enemy in this series that the company is hoping will make this title stand out from the others.

“Wolverine will have to use all of his considerable instincts and skills to track down a seemingly unbeatable adversary unlike anyone — or anything — he's ever faced before," said Axel Alonso, Editor In Chief, Marvel Entertainment, in a statement. "Paul Cornell and Alan Davis are delivering a globe-spanning, high-octane adventure, chocked full of big budget action and cameos by Marvel's finest super heroes, that will leave readers gasping, and begging for more."

We’ll see just how different this new Wolverine title really is when it debuts in stores this March. Until then, check out the cover for the first issue by Davis below.

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[via Marvel]