Her new movie, Liz & Dick, airs this upcoming Sunday (Nov. 25), but right now it's nothing but bad news for Lindsay Lohan.

The troubled actress is expected to have her probation revoked after a court hearing in Los Angeles today (Nov. 20). She'll be charged with the criminal offense of lying to police.

This, stemming from her car accident on the Pacific Coast Highway last June, when she told police officers she wasn't the one driving. At the time, she insisted it was her assistant Gavin Doyle behind the wheel, but witnesses have since come forward and claimed to have seen Lindsay driving.

The procedure now is that the Santa Monica City Attorney will file a criminal case in the new couple of days. That case will then be sent to LA County Superior Court judge Jane Godfrey for arraignment. Sources close to the proceedings say once Lindsay is charged, probation will be revoked and she'll have a full hearing.

If she's convicted, she could face jail time.

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[via Page Six]