Women dated: Cassandra Harris (1977-91), Julianne Phillips (1993-94), Kathryn Kinley (1993-94), Keely Shaye Smith (1994-), Barbara Orbison, Brenda Starr, Denice Lewis, Tatjana Patitz

The maddeningly handsome Brosnan has had a strange run with the ladies. First wife Cassandra Harris, a Bond girl herself in the Roger Moore-era For Your Eyes Only, died of ovarian cancer in 1991 at age 43. Three years later, he met journalist Keely Shaye Smith, whom he married in 2001, and this marriage has made him what you might call the most famous anti-swordsman in Hollywood. 

Brosnan seems not to age or change at all, and could have starlets lining up for his attention tomorrow, while his wife has famously doubled in size. We don't say this to be cruel, but because we consider it a fact: Nine out of 10 men in his situation would have moved on.

Perhaps there's more to life than "swordsmanship." Perhaps we should make a list of the Bond actors who have really and truly found the one thing that conquers all —"love"—and perhaps Brosnan would come in first and second place on it.

Nah, that'd be a dumb list.