Women dated: Jill St. John (1969), Christina Gannett (1971-1995), Pam Shriver (2002-2008), Barbra Streisand, and numerous unidentified women

Lazenby will forever be considered one of the great fools in movie history. An Australian model, he lucked into an interview to be Connery's successor and bullshitted his way into the job, providing a list of fake acting credentials from European films. The director Peter Hunt and producer Albert R. Broccoli knew they didn't have an actor on their hands, but they liked Lazenby's mojo, what Hunt called his "sexual assurance."

Lazenby as Bond made one film—On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969), which seems to get better with age—and opted out of his contract. He grew a beard and started talking a bunch of hippy gobbledygook, and the Bond franchise—though it had given him the key to the city—was glad to be rid of him. Pretty standard stuff.

The rest of Lazenby's career has been that of a B-list guy with a B-plus name. It is said that he liked sex quite a lot, and had quite a lot of it. An article in the Daily Mail characterizes him as a "serial womanizer," but the fact was who George Lazenby was sleeping with was simply not news outside of his brief Bond era.