Women dated: Fiona Loudon (1991-1994), Heike Makatsch (1997-2004), Kate Moss (2004), Sienna Miller (2005), Satsuki Mitchell (2005-2010), Rachel Weisz (2010-)

Never before has Bond been blonde.

Never before has Bond been cut like an Olympic athlete.

Never before has Bond been so incapable of hiding his private life. Daniel Craig is arguably the first Bond of the Internet era. In days gone by, actors who played the debonair spy were able to do at least some of their conquesting in stealth mode. We're pretty sure we'll never have the full story on what those old Bonds did when the tuxedo was off, but sadly we know Craig's whole story: Married to Fiona Loudon for a few years; dated German actress/singer Heike Makatsch for the better part of a decade; was engaged to but did not wed producer Satsuki Mitchell; married Rachel Weisz last summer.

Sorry, Craig, but this stuff is all online. It's hard to be a man of mystery when the Internet is always there to blow your cover.