Warner Bros. is looking to get Jack Nicholson on board for their next film. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio is putting together the cast for The Judge, an upcoming dramedy that will star Robert Downey Jr., and are actively trying to convince Nicholson - who is relentlessly picky with his projects - to portray Downey Jr.'s father. Since 2003, Nicholson has only appeared in three projects, The Departed, The Bucket List, and How Do You Know.

The film itself will star Downey Jr. as a lawyer who returns to his hometown for his mother's funeral to find out that his Alzheimer's-stricken, estranged father - who is also the town judge - is a suspect in her murder. The script was originally written by Gran Torino scribe Nick Schenk, and was most recently rewritten by Bill Dubuque. Downey Jr. will produce with David GambinoDavid Dobkin, Jeff Kleeman, and wife Susan Downey.

Downey is reportedly set to meet with Nicholson about the role later this week.

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]