The next time you plan a vacation and get stuck decided on a destination, why not turn to your Facebook friends for help? That's what a new travel service, Traverie, hopes to do. The vacation-planning tool uses your Facebook friend's photos and info to help you research the best vacation getaway. 

Compared to travel magazines filled with photos from random photographers, Traverie uses past vacation photos taken by the user's Facebook friends. Traverie CEO, Gaurav Agarwal, described his travel tool as a “discovery engine” for the evolving world wide web.

Agarwal is aware of the public's growing privacy concerns and social media but ensured that "the pictures you see on Traverie are the same ones you’d be able to see on, just reorganized for a specific purpose."

After connecting Traverie to your Facebook account, users have two options to start planning their next vacation. They can either use a "Map" to explore photos of a desired vacation or "Dream" which grants access to photos on a city-by-city basis. Once you find a destination you add the city to your “Bucket List." At this point, users are encouraged to ask the photographer questions they may have about a particular city. 

There are plans of expansion in the near future to other photo-sharing apps and social networks like Dropbox, Flickr, and Instagram.

Check out the promo video for Traverie above. Would you use Traverie to help plan your dream vacation?

[via All things D]