Your favorite show will almost undoubtedly go through a rough patch. It's a harsh reality that rings true for even the best, most classic shows; it's the rare series that avoids at least one whack season. Simply put, the longer a series is on the air it runs the risk of entering a creative dry spell. But that doesn't always signal the end.

For every series that entered the dead zone and stayed there (Heroes, Weeds), there are others with writers who regroup, heed audience and critics' complaints, and get their act together, even when such prospects seem impossible. A recent example is Dexter, which has been enjoying a late revival in its seventh season, arguably the first legitimately engaging batch of episodes since the second. It seemed like the show would never turn itself around, but the ways in which it did so were actually quite simple. (We'll tell you now that one of those methods was casting the sexy and talented Yvonne Strahovski to play Dexter's love interest.)

Often, if a series that once fired on all cylinders suddenly stops working, the problem can be traced to one of several common problems that regularly plague popular shows. Complex has listed those recurring ailments through the lens of 10 case studies in which a hit show lost its way, only to return triumphant. The seasoned TV viewer doesn't quit on their favorites easily. Stow your current frustrations and (re)acquaint yourself with these infamous resurrections. Read on to learn How 10 TV Shows That Fell Off Redeemed Themselves.

Written by Frazier Tharpe (@The_SummerMan)