Despite only containing the city of Los Santos and surrounding areas, and not San Andreas's cities of San Fierro and Las Venturas, Grand Theft Auto V will be larger than San Andreas, GTA IV, and Red Dead Redemption combined, Rockstar reportedly revealed in the December issue of Game Informer. It'll have a military base, significant wilderness to explore, and even an underwater environment.

The magazine's next issue features a whole slew of new details, but that stands out as the one that will tickle fans the most. It's freaking massive.

Kotaku's compiled some other details from the digital edition of the magazine, including that there are not two, but three main protagonists (Michael, Trevor and Franklin), and you can switch between them at (almost) any time. Michael is a relapsing former bank robber; Trevor is a criminal and junkie; and Franklin is a young hustler (whatever that means).

These characters will each have their own sets of abilities and friends to interact with, and during some missions they'll work together. You'll be able to switch between them all during those missions. Sounds awesome, right?

Do you think GTA V could be too big?

[via Kotaku]