The choice for a director on the next Star Wars trilogy is one of the hottest mysteries in Hollywood right now. And just to fan the flames of anticipation, producer Frank Marshall told MTV that the search has been narrowed down significantly.

When asked who is being targeted for the gig, Marshall said, "I do (know) but I can't reveal it, or I won't be alive tomorrow.” He then went on to say that the search is now between “a couple of candidates," but he doesn’t know when the choice will be made public.

This will be the first Star Wars movie not directed by George Lucas since 1983’s Return of the Jedi, which was helmed by Richard Marquand. With how many leaks there are in show business, we wouldn’t expect much time to pass in between Disney making a final choice and the decision to reveal it to the public. Hopefully we’ll know before the year is out.

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[via MTV]