28-year-old Christopher Castillo of Melbourne, FL was arrested for threatening to kill President Obama on Facebook. To be specific, he said he was going to "hunt down" and "kill" the president, and that he wanted to "watch the life disappear from his eyes." Castillo made the comment a few days after President Obama was re-elected, and a friend warned him that his threats could get him in trouble. Castillo replied "I wouldn't call it a threat but more of a promise, let them come after me..." That's exactly what happened.

Everyone's a tough guy until they're in custody, and the Secret Service arrested Castillo with the quickness. He told investigators that he wanted to kill President Obama because the president is a "terrorist." Really? We're still using that one? He added that he was extremely angry because he thought the president's views for health care would ruin the country. As if that's more acceptable. 

When Castillo was told that his comments were against the law, he replied "it doesn't matter." That, folks, is blind fury and stupidity. Castillo's father says that his son, a married father of three, was in the Air Force. He also said that his son thought his Facebook account was private (right), and that he's no threat. According to his father, he barely has enough money to get to and from work everyday.

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[via Miami New Times]