A Miami man with an extended rap sheet was arrested for selling Macbooks and iPads made from wood and duct tape. A Daytona Beach woman gave Torrance Canady, 39, $400 for what turned out to be a piece of wood with glass taped onto the front. When police finally caught up with Canady, they found similar phony Apple products in his possession.

Inside of Canady's vehicle were the phony iPads, as well as wood covered in silver duct tape with an Apple logo carved into the middle that he attempted to pass off as Macbooks. He even slapped a Best Buy price tag on the back for authenticity. He claimed that he didn't know that the "merchandise" was fake, and claimed that he "bought them in St. Petersburg" for his girlfriend.

Canady's criminal history includes aggravated assault, sexual assault on a minor, several counts of grand theft auto, stalking, burglary and felony trespassing. 

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[via Miami New Times]