New York's Fatima Al Qadiri often blends technological, sci-fi and other nerdy elements into her music, and her latest work, the Desert Strike EP, is no exception. In fact, Qadiri told Pitchfork that the entire album is named after a Sega game from 1992:

This follow-up EP, befitting its title, moves into a exquisitely violent terrain. "It's named after a Sega Megadrive game from 1992, based on Operation Desert Storm from the first Gulf War in 1991," Al Qadiri told Ruth Saxelby. "The record is dedicated to this sci-fi period of my childhood-- surviving the invasion of Kuwait, the war, and then playing a video game based on those events a year later." It's her best and most affecting work yet.

Sometimes we're surprised to learn what celebrities and artists are closeted gamers, but we suppos at this point it should come as a given that almost every person around a certain age has played a few games in his or her life. Some people are clearly affected by them more than others (like those idiots who choose to spend their lives writing about games, wink wink), but most people have been touched by Mario or, apparently, Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf at one point or another.

Do you have any stories about a game that inspired you in a unique way?

[via Pitchfork]