It wasn't too long ago that Facebook revamped its iOS app, making it faster and more intuitive. Yesterday, the social network again updated the app to include a number of features found in some of Facebook's stand alone apps. 

The new version of Facebook's iOS app has the yet-to-be launched Gifts feature built-in, so users will be able to send their friends presents through the social network while on the go. 

Messenger is now more streamlined. Users can now access Messenger easily by swiping left while in the Facebook app. You can better organize your friends, too, so it's easier to see who is online. 

Some other new features found in Facebook's iOS 5.1: Users can form a favorites list of friends they contact frequently. Instagram-like photo filters can be applied to photos, and it's now easier to share multiple photos, just like you can with the Facebook Photo app. 

Check out the latest Facebook iPhone app for yourself by downloading it here

[via Venture Beat]