It’s a well-known fact that college is the best time in a person’s life. Between the copious amounts of booze and hook-ups, it’s basically four years of non-stop partying, followed by a decade, or so, of loan payments. But in the end, it’s all totally worth it. And that’s why there is an instant attraction to any movie that attempts to recreate these wild times up on the big screen.

The latest film to enter this liquor-soaked genre is 21 and Over. Directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, the writers of the original Hangover, this movie promises to capture the craziness that we all experience on our 21st birthday in style. The plot follows the plight of a straight-A student, played by Justin Chon, as he goes out to celebrate this milestone with a night of cheap liquor and beer pong, even though his medical school interview is looming the next morning.

Also starring Skylar Astin and Miles Teller, this is a movie to keep an eye on when it gets released on March 1, 2013. And to get you in the mood for the madness to follow, we have two exclusive images from the film for you to check out below.


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