We're not sure when we became a simple mouthpiece for companies and artists that put out hilarious marketing pseudo-games, but we're totally okay with that as long as they stay as hilarious and awesome as the Old Spice and Django Unchained games.

Enter Skrillex Quest, a browser game housed on a digital, golden NES cartridge like the original Legend of Zelda.

The story goes: a mote of dust settles on the innards of a game cartridge, corrupting its world and sent our hero, P1, on a quest to defeat glitches and find the Dead Princess Keys. It looks like a Superbrothers game in 3D, though it was developed by Jason Oda. The soundtrack includes snippets from the Skrillex songs “Summit” and “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites."

Skrillex Quest doesn't actually appear to be promoting anything of Skrillex's in particular—we know the dude likes video games, so maybe he just really wanted to help create one of his own? Maybe one day he'll even be developing commercial games?