We reported on a rumor a while ago that claimed X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn was being eyed by Disney to helm the first installment of the new Star Wars trilogy. But then again, almost every director in Hollywood is being linked to the project, so we didn't put too much stock into the report. Then during the UK premiere of Seven Psychopaths, actor Jason Flemyng, who has worked with Vaughn on nine films, slipped up and said, “I’m sure I’ll get the call for Star Wars,” when referring to the director's rumored link to the project. It seems like he already knew Vaughn was confirmed for the gig. 

Flemyng then looked like the proverbial deer in the headlights after realizing that he might have just let the $300 million cat out of the bag. Is this a sign that Vaughn will be behind camera for Star Wars? We’re not sure, but you can check out the video above, courtesy of HeyYouGuys, to see Flemyng’s reaction for yourself. It begins at the 1:11 mark.

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[via HeyYouGuys]