Appeared In: A View to a Kill (1985)
Played By: Christopher Walken
Diabolical Weapon: Sub-machine gun
Killed By: Falling off the Golden Gate Bridge

Yes folks, Christopher Walken was a Bond villain, and he was about as satisfying in the role as you would expect; in fact, he was easily the best thing about A View to a Kill. As Max Zorin, Walken plays the owner of Zorin Industries, who plans on ruling the tech world by destroying Silicon Valley and literally leveling the competition. This was during the Reagan administration, when cutthroat businessmen were portrayed as unwaveringly evil in movies, and Zorin fit right into that mold.

As usual, Walken gave us an intense, diabolical performance that was actually one of the better bad guy roles of the Roger Moore era. Walken managed to capture that old school Bond feel that we love, despite the movie itself ultimately disappointing. He was cold and calculating, and he wasn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty when he needed to.