Appeared In: Moonraker (1979)
Played By: Michael Lonsdale
Diabolical Weapon: Dogs, chemical agents
Killed By: Poison and Bond blasting him into space

Hugo Drax was a screwball billionaire with an outer space fetish and a hatred for humanity. His plan is to kill most of civilization through the use of a nerve gas that would be emitted from his space station. He would then rebuild humanity in his image by keeping a select few humans on the station if he deemed them worthy of breeding the next generation.

Much like Karl Stromberg's, this scheme is pretty out there, yet Moonraker was released at a time when the Bond franchise didn’t strive for realism like it does now, and Drax was the prototypical baddie for the period. Just one look at Drax’s devious goatee makes us yearn for the days when Bond villains were this over-the-top.