Appeared In: Thunderball (1965)
Played By: Adolfo Celi
Diabolical Weapon: Pool of sharks
Killed By: Domino, who shoots him in the back with a spear gun

Emilio Largo’s scheme in Thunderball was Super Villainy 101. He attempts to extort money from NATO by hijacking two nuclear subs and threatening to detonate them in the U.S. or England. It’s been done a million times by now, but at least Largo had a swimming pool full of sharks that he would feed his underachieving subordinates to. That’s cool no matter how hackneyed your scheme may be.

Technically, Largo would fall under the “henchman” category because of his allegiance to Blofeld, but he had enough autonomy to be considered a main villain of the series. He’s also one in a long line of Bond villains to suffer from some sort of physical deformity with the eye patch he sports through the whole picture.