We may be in the midst of the best season of The Walking Dead yet, but that’s not stopping us from keeping an eye on the future of the show. There are still so many characters and storylines from Robert Kirkman’s comic that need to be introduced that fans everywhere will always be holding out hope that their favorite will be the next one to debut. And now, TV Overmind is confirming that Chad Coleman (The Wire) has landed the role of Tyreese, another prominent character from the original comic series.

Not much information has been given on the circumstances around Tyreese’s debut, but we do know that he’ll appear during this season in some capacity. In the comics, Tyreese was one of Rick’s closest confidants, and he played a major role in the Woodbury storyline with the Governor, although in the comics he made his debut much earlier than he did in the show.

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[via TV Overmind]