A stellar teacher in San Diego, CA was arrested for allegedly carrying out a two-year affair with one of his students. 32-year-old Terrance Lee Smith, a freshman English teacher at Chula Vista High School, was arrested on Monday for allegedly having an "intimate relationship" with a former student. The alleged relationship was revealed by the student's mother, who contacted Chula Vista police .

Prior to the arrest, police questioned the young woman, who admitted to having several encounters with smith at the school, in his vehicle, and even at his home. This reportedly began in 2006, when she was 16, and lasted until 2008. A Chula Vista graduate himself, Smith was hired in 2005. He was a top 10 finalist for the country's "Teacher of the Year" award, so this news came as a shock to students and educators alike. 

Authorities have obtanied additional evidence in conjuction with the victim's statements, and Smith could be charged with 14 counts of sexual conduct with a minor. He's being held on $350,000 bail. 

[via Hip-Hop Wired]