Product placement in movies is certainly nothing new, but what happens when a company feels as if its brand is being tarnished up on the big screen? That’s exactly what’s happening between Paramount’s latest movie, Flight, and beer juggernaut, Budweiser.

During the course of the movie, it is learned that Denzel Washington’s character is an alcoholic, and one of his drinks of choice happens to be good ol’ Bud. But according to the AP, the brewery isn’t too pleased with being associated with reckless alcoholism and is requesting that Paramount "obscure or remove" the Budweiser labels from all of the film’s prints. William Grant & Sons, the company behind Stolichnaya, is similarly upset, but it hasn't made a removal request yet. 

Of course Paramount doesn’t have to agree to do this, but then it could be opening itself up to a potential lawsuit. In addition to that, it would be nearly impossible to fix every print without removing the film from theaters and spending millions to change them. The studio will most likely make the change for the eventual DVD/Blu-ray release of the film, though we suspect nothing will happen until then. We’ll keep you updated if any change is made.

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