Brad Pitt stars as a badass in Killing Them Softly, hitting theaters today. But the truth is, this boy from Oklahoma has been killing them softly for years. And by them, we don't mean bad guys, but ladies. Famous ladies, at that.

He popped up on the national radar as Geena Davis' cowboy boy-toy in Thelma & Louise, and every woman in the theater swooned at his yee-haw shirtless magnetism. This was (and still is) a very pretty man, and it's a mojo that works well for him. Brad has tended to date co-stars, which makes his romantic hit list look a lot like his filmography. It also means he tends to date women who are sex symbols themselves. 

Here are the top 10 women he's killed, perhaps softly, with his song. Or something like that.

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