Ken Levine has confirmed on Twitter that BioShock Infinite will have no multiplayer modes.

While the original BioShock had no multiplayer, the sequel, BioShock 2, featured multiplayer deathmatch and objective modes. They were developed by a separate studio, but some still felt that their development must have detracted from the core game's quality.

But when asked directly whether BioShock Infinite will feature any multiplayer, Levine replied, "Nope."

The last half-decade or so saw multiplayer modes shoehorned into games like BioShock 2, Uncharted 2 and Dead Space 2. But massively successful single-player games like Skyrim may be changing the strange perception among developers and publishers that only multiplayer games can succeed. What do you think? Would you rather have multiplayer in Infinite?

[via Gamechup via reddit]