Bill Nye, the popular TV personality from the 90's television show Bill Nye: The Science Guy, is hoping Kickstarter (and you) can help him take his talents from the tube to tablets with an iPad game called AERO.

Centered around physics, AERO is a 3D bird flying game that teaches children about various aerodynamic concepts like lift, drag, thrust, velocity, gravity, and banking. 

The Science Guy is creating the game with a nonprofit research and educational game development organization called GameDesk. The L.A.-based company, of which Nye recently joined the board of directors, has already developed an early prototype of the game with funding from Iridescent Learning, the National Academy of Sciences, and the Office of Naval Research. 

To cover the rest of the production costs, GameDesk launched a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $100,000. 

If successful, GameDesk will try to raise $1 million so it can give iPad Minis with AERO to 500 schools around the country. 

Check out the promo video for AERO above. The Kickstarter campaign has 29 days left and has already raised over $6,000 in one day. 

[via GeekWire]

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