Apple's finally given the green light to third-party accessory makers to make products that support the company's new Lightning connector. First out the gate: Belkin. 

The popular accessory maker today announced two new products: the Belkin Car Charger (photo 1) and the Charge + Sync Dock (photo 2). The former does what it names implies and allows users to charger their phone in their car. It plugs into any car's power outlet and has a Lightning connector at the end of its four-foot cord. 

The Charge + Sync Dock is a dock that holds your iPhone 5 in place. There's an auxiliary jack and a Lightning connector attached to a USB cord that can plug in your computer. The main objective is keep your device upright while the user is updating songs or charging it. 

Both accessories are available now for pre-order from the Belkin website for $29.99 and will ship on November 15. 

[via PC Mag]

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