Austin, the gem of Texas, is a great place to live for plenty reasons: great food, great music, friendly people. Those items are well-publicized—everyone knows about Stubb's BBQ sauce, SXSW and Austin City Limits, and probably you've met a tattooed someone who lived there once and has nice things to say about the experience.

President Obama's re-election has given the world another reason to ride for Austin: the city is sane. See, there are many in the state of Texas who want to secede in the wake of Mitt Romney's loss. They've started a petition on We the People, the government-maintained website for grievances against the White House, asking to be let go from the Union.

In response, Austin residents have started their own petition, asking to withdraw from Texas and remain in the USA. So far, that petition has 4,578 signatures. The petition for Texas seceding has 98,843 signatures as of this writing.

[via We the People]